Verrückte Geolausitz
Geocaching Event

Welcome to "Verrückte Geolausitz"

We as geocachers are all a little crazy in our own individual ways and so is this event. An event which focuses nature, fun, and the crazy people. All of you are welcome, no matter if you are young or old. Because our motto is: fun is for everyone!



 The KiEZ in Weißwasser is located at the northern part of the saxon Lusatia. Around the KieZ is the area of Muskau, which has a large woods filled with pine trees ans countless lakes.

Pure nature, which offers great possibilities for class trips, holiday camps, hiking days for schools and kindergartens, training camps for sport clubs, choirs, fanfares and orchestras. The KIEz offers many possibilities to enjoy nature and do sports. Especially for families, visiting the KIEz is a must!

Weißwasser, the sport city in the Lusatia. Besides from the “Lausitzer Füchsen” there are plenty of other attractions. There is the tower “Schweren Berg”, from which you have a view on the open-cast mining Nochten and the power plant Boxberg, which looks at night especially beautiful when illuminated.

It is also always worth to visit the Glasmuseum and the Waldeisenbahn, which has quiet and peaceful routes and offers special trips as well. 

Animal park, swimming baths and an amusement park as well as an outdoor gym are completing the experience. Also, in the neighbor communities there are plenty of options for hiking and others activities. For example, visiting the Muskau Park with the castle, the Rhododendron Park Kromlau with the famous Rakotzbrücke is always a good choice. 

With the Bärwalder See and the Findlingspark Nochten there are even more worth seeing destinations in close distance. 

In Krauschwitz you can go climbing on the "Blauen Felsen" and visiting pool or sauna right next to it. 


Book accommodation

 Book accommodation on the event area at: unser-kiez/unterkuenfte.html


children's section

On site there will be a large children's area with many different activities.


Tickets and merchandise

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